Tuesday, April 4, 2017

A Doorway Opens in St Petersburg - Arch Symbolism

Terrorist attack in the St Petersburg Metro Station... through the arches
Being stuck at home sick with the flu again I had more time to catch up with the news and live broadcasts. Watching the terrible events in St Petersburg, Russia on April 3rd, I couldn’t help but be drawn in to the fear and dread that played out over and over in repeated video clips of the moments straight after the explosion on the metro.

The sounds of screaming, and off-camera shrieks of panic, and translations of ‘Oh my God!’ were simply heartbreaking. Watching the blood soaked people being dragged along the platform, and others scrambling through crushed, broken windows before collapsing to the floor. Truly horrific.

Looking at the aftermath photos of the striking St Petersburg Metro construction courtesy of RT news channel, I felt compelled to learn more about the place. Here is a sample of what I’ve come across.
Posiedon at the Metro?
Beautiful reliefs and art throughout the Metro and Museum

Symbolism of a high order in the Metro?

The symbolism of one post-terror attack picture stands out. It’s the arches of the subway station with the halted carriage and bomb wrecked doors and windows. Early pics have the bloodied people, body parts, and rescuers. The latest palatable ones show the cordoned off area of these arches.

There is some interesting stuff on the symbolism of the Arch from http://imagesinthemind.blogspot.co.uk/2008/07/arch-symbol.html and also http://www.ssje.org/symbols.html which you might find interesting… I’ve reposted here in brief…

Arches are structures with deep spiritual and psychic resonance.  They embody and symbolize many things: strength and support, lightness and openness within density, a beginning and an end.  Arches are entry points into liminal space.  In mythology, arches or doorways are understood as thresholds in time and space (chronos, the temporal world) through which one passes to enter another kind of time and space (kairos, the spiritual world).  Arches are iconic: while grounded in the present, they draw one’s gaze upwards to a higher ideal or tran¬scendent reality.  In the New Testament, the arch is also a fundamentally Johannine symbol.  In John’s gospel we hear Jesus saying, “I am the way,” “I am the doorway to the sheepfold.”

We find the arch a strong and inspiring image, yet the arch is also a paradoxical image which is built on weakness.  Many centuries ago Leonardo da Vinci wrote that “an arch is nothing else than a strength caused by two weaknesses; for the arch in buildings is made up of two segments of a circle, and each of these segments being in itself very weak desires to fall, and as one withstands the downfall of the other, the two weaknesses are converted into a single strength.”

So, what does an arch stand for in symbolism? Let’s decipher it, shall we… look at the images – doesn’t the arch remind you of something – like a gate or a doorway? Well, that is exactly what it symbolizes. An arch is a gateway – a door to something beyond it – a passageway to something more to follow….which is why their use in bridges today is interesting! - Because with a bridge you can walk through the door and reach the other side.

Arches appear on Tarot cards as well – and consequently, each of these cards has a significant aspect of transition within their meaning as well.

It is easy to see how, on a deep psychological level, arches can signify a period of transition – a passage from where one moves to another place. Transitions signify change – and the arch represents the passageways or doorways of that process. The process can be inner or outer – that is, something within could be changing (perhaps the personality, the vision, the perspective) or the change could be in the outer world aspect of life (perhaps profession change, appearance change, change in residence). Or, the process can be happening on both levels.

Has some kind of doorway been blown open now?

St Petersburg Metro Symbol.... esoteric...

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Is this Advance Knowledge of the UK Terror Attack?

Front page of the Daily Mail 22.3.17 
On 22nd March 2017  UK citizens became the latest unwitting participants, or rather targets, of a Gladio style false flag operation. It was not a hoax as some researchers are suggesting, but a planned event, with real victims and genuine witnesses.

The ordinary members of government and their staff, as well as the general public, and tourists, have already been primed for a terror attack. Even the Daily Mail newspaper chose an interesting front cover to ‘celebrate’ the life of Martin McGuinness (of IRA fame) in the morning.

Now all it took was timing, and of course, the sync date/numbers of… 3 22 17 … or 22 3 17, as we use in the UK.

Why am I backing a False Flag explanation, as opposed to a hoax? Simply put, I work within local government and I have subtle, speculative, circumstantial evidence. It may not convince some, but it proves to me and a few others, that, when it comes to instinct, nothing beats your first impressions.

Seven days before the Westminster false flag, I received my usual weekly newsletter. This newsletter “The Knowledge” is always full of local news, office updates, messages from the CEO, charity events, government spending, election results, and employment bulletins. Rarely Police notices on terrorism.

Yet, on Wednesday 15th 2017, in issue number 433, a two-page spread alerted staff to be vigilant’ (see photo). Me and my conspiratorial mind, how do you think I reacted? Well, immediately I thought how odd for the Police to issue such an out-of-context warning in our local newsletter, is something about to happen?

Who would target us here? We live and work out in the sticks of rural southern England.

Hold the front page… A fact I’ve overlooked, that we have a whole entire floor in the building dedicated to use by Westminster employees, straight out of London. Again, I thought it odd, but with the terror threat level so high in the UK maybe it’s warranted.

I put the newsletter away and forgot about it.

Yesterday afternoon, when my phone pinged with a SKY Breaking News alert, imagine my surprise… and disbelief. No way! I said to myself. Is there really a terrorist attack outside of Parliament? Wait a minute, wasn’t there something in the latest newsletter about a terror risk?

What a very strange and ominous co-incidence – and you know how I feel about coincidences…

Screen capture of the alert received last week

Wiki Definition – False Flag

False flag operations are covert operations conducted by governments, corporations, or other organizations, which are designed to deceive the public in such a way that the operations appear as if they are being carried out by other entities. The name is derived from the military concept of flying false colours; that is, flying the flag of a country other than one's own. False flag operations are not limited to war and counter-insurgency operations, and have been used in peace-time; for example, during Italy's strategy of tension.

Thursday, January 12, 2017


Great sync of President Elect Donald J Trump flying past the Twin Towers as the narrator says, if in power, Trump will negotiate nuclear disarmament with Russia! (circa 1987)

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

TMZ Holds the Key - FL Fort Lauderdale Hollywood Airport - SHOOTOUT!

Shooter Esteban Santiago allegedly is just a mad man
What if a shooting is really a ‘shoot-out’?

Here I propose an alternative scenario to what the media is reporting regarding the latest lone gunman attack.

After viewing the TMZ footage, it’s clear to see that the original video is a play-back recording which was filmed off a tv screen, so obscuring the full picture (literally). There is even a light reflection from the tv screen on it! One victim is clearly seen as being blurred out of the image near the end of the footage at the bottom of the screen (so as not to be identified – could be TMZ doctoring). Therefore, this is clearly NOT original CCTV footage.

The shooter is seen moving with the rest of the passengers in the middle of the baggage retrievals area when suddenly he pulls a gun from his waist-band and clearly only targets persons to his right. (He is not ‘randomly shooting) Shots can be seen as he moves quickly forwards, then lowers his gun for a split second, seems to flinch, moves back then forwards, before raising and shooting again, then running forward, out of view. All of this in very quick succession.

Passengers behind the shooter can be seen to recoil at the gun shots, they naturally react in shock, some moving for cover to the right of screen, some unsure what is happening, while others diving to the floor on the left of screen, some distance away. In the background people appear from a staircase/escalator but turn back, and some run back up the stairs.

The aftermath footage that has been widely circulated shows bloodied victims on the opposite side to the direction that the shooter targeted. This can only mean one thing… did someone fire back?

With every false-flag, there are always two or more events happening simultaneously – or rather they ‘appear’ to be happening at the same time. False-flag events in my opinion are always misinterpreted, they are designed to shield a real-time event, they are not the event itself. This explains the constant contradictions. With FL Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport this can be clearly seen. The TMZ video offers us proof.

The shooting/shootout takes only a few moments, let’s say minutes. Yet the ‘incident’ is reported as ‘active’. We know this is not the case, as the shooter is supposed to have dropped his gun in the lounge, then knelt down ( in some reports its said he lay spread-eagled on the floor of the lounge WAITING for law enforcement to apprehend him!) There are widely circulated photos of his arrest.

Clearly, not much time has elapsed. Yet, outside, for TV news cameras in helicopters to view, there is an ‘on-going’ long-running incident.

People are milling-around the runways freely, others are just standing around in the forecourt, in the car park, on staircases, people are running across runways while planes in the background are still taxiing and there are first responders arriving and cops are running around with rifles pointed to the terminal buildings and car parks. People appear to be stretchered off from an external direction, while a man with bloodied arm is being helped by the fence, note that this is outside of the terminal building.

The roads and fly-over in the background of all of this can be seen backed up with stopped traffic. All of this activity lasts for over an hour, but we know that the shooter is already in custody and has been classed as a ‘lone gunman’. He was in the first five minutes of the incident. The Police tell media that it is not a multiple shooter incident, yet eye-witnesses continue to say they hear shots fired, or they see shooting through windows of the terminal (some report terminal 1 not 2).

Early news footage has witnesses reporting that Police stop a white car on the entrance road to the airport, create a makeshift roadblock and then appear to arrest and handcuff the driver. Who is this man?

Today media report that law enforcement say the shooter had no specific reason for coming to Fort Lauderdale airport, that he chose it randomly. Of course, there is no evidence for this either way.

They also report that there is no apparent motive for the shooting, therefore it continues to be just some ex-soldier with mental health issues that decided to shoot people at random in the baggage claim. Again, the TMZ video shows that this is not exactly the case. The startling contradiction to what happens inside the terminal to the events unfolding outside are clues that manipulation of the truth of the event.

Let’s turn to the victims. Who was killed? Is there a really a ‘target’ victim, or is it just innocent grandmothers and retirees on holiday? Let’s use trusted CNN for this information:

More info can be found here: 

One thing stands out when reading about who the victims were...It's not the Norfolk Navy Shipyard and US Navy, or the pioneering work in Computers/IT done by Tech company CommScope bur rather... What do Radiation Control Technicians do?

The heroes during a terrifying and uncertain radiation crisis are those brave Scientists in the thick of the disaster at the nuclear plant, determining exactly how bad the radiation threat is and how to contain it. These heroes are called Radiation Control Technicians. In this job, the Radiation Control Technician needs to understand the mechanics of nuclear equipment, and is in charge of upkeep and service on these vital, but dangerous, energy generators.

A typical day in the life of a Radiation Control Technician entails processing shipments, testing levels of radiation through sampling, keeping detailed records for safety purposes, and monitoring the safety practices of other workers in the lab or plant. If you’re interested in traveling, this job could take you around the world as an expert in nuclear plants. If you’re simply a Scientist, the safety of a local research lab is in your hands. Either way, no lab or plant can legally function without the expertise of a Radiation Control Technician.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Arrival (2016)

Interruption to our normal programming…  Beware: Major Spoilers!

I haven’t felt like writing a review of a film in a long while. My previous movie musings are still available over at (mostly defunct) CelluloidSeduction.blogspot.com. After seeing this year’s ‘Arrival’, with major theme of communication, I am prompted to express my thoughts, rather than a review, on what makes this movie worth seeing.

Amy Adams, her of ‘American Hustle’ and ‘Batman v Superman’ fame, is chief protagonist, professor of linguistics Louise Banks. As the synopsis goes, the world’s nations teeter on the verge of war, Banks and her elite team of investigators, working for the US government, race against time to find a way to communicate with the ‘visitors’. Hoping to unravel the mystery, Banks takes a chance that could threaten her life. and quite possibly all of mankind.

Based on the short story by Ted Chiang, ‘Story of Your Life’, is a sci-fi conundrum, so to fully appreciate this movie you should cease reading anything more. I mean ANYTHING, even watching the trailer, as going in blind is the best way to experience this visceral masterpiece.

So stop here and come back when you’ve seen it.

Right, how was it for you? On a down-to-earth basics level it’s not bad as sci-fi goes, not many explosions or comic one-liners or mad-cap save-the-world heroics. These do exist in Arrival, but they are a whole different animal.

Some die-hard fans of ‘true sci-fi’, come out asking ‘what’s all the fuss about’? While others, leave this movie feeling like they’ve experienced something profound.

Questions about time, language, and ethics resonate throughout, just as you think you’ve figured it out something changes, ‘til suddenly you get it! Although the Aliens have their strange pictorial language, I worked out more or less that they are communicating with our protagonist via memories. Although there is some debate on this, as  the Aliens ‘experience non-linear time’. Therefore, the consensus is, Banks is actually living the future, or something.

Anyway, like all good sci-fi, the science doesn’t quite add up. There are flaws, no movie is ever perfect, but these flaws make for great debate. I predict this will be one for the annals, much like 2001: A Space Odyssey. Although, as a former geek, I must admit that these past few years I’ve missed out on a lot of the contemporary stuff like Interstellar.

So, for me personally, this film is more about prophesy, after all, prophesy exists to avert catastrophe not predict it. That’s what I’ve read. This is the crux of the entire story… if you know something about the future and have a choice to change it, do you… and who do you tell about it?

There is a lot going on in this, a lot of clues mentioned in passing remarks, nuances, that it’s easy to miss the message.

At one point our man from the CIA says, to paraphrase:  ‘Of course there’s an alien threat as there is ‘NO ONE WORLD LEADER’ for them to talk to.” What is he trying to say, you can only wonder in paranoiac ways.

Arrival is many things to many people – if you’ve ever loved and lost, hoped and dreamed, regretted and reminisced, and pondered the age old questions of who we are, and where did we come from, you’ll find it all within the experience that is Arrival.

In essence this is no ordinary sci-fi movie, and you’ll either like it or think it slow, boring nonsense, but by the time you reach your conclusion, it’s already too late.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Musk Military Might

Obama cares, but so does Musk

April 2016... The U.S. Air Force on Wednesday awarded billionaire Elon Musk's SpaceX an $83 million contract to launch a GPS satellite, breaking the monopoly that Lockheed Martin Corp. and Boeing Co. have held on military space launches for more than a decade.

The Global Positioning System satellite will be launched in May 2018 from Florida, Air Force officials said.

Who was seen down at the Pentagon in June? CNN’s Ryan Browne lets us in on a not-so-secret secret meeting…

Elon Musk, the billionaire CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, met with Secretary of Defense Ash Carter Wednesday as the Pentagon looks to raise its technology game.

The focus of the closed-door get together was "innovation," according to a Defense Department spokesman, although Musk is also looking to win more government business for SpaceX, which launches satellites into orbit.

Neither Carter nor Musk spoke to reporters after their meeting, but Defense Department spokesman Peter Cook said Monday that Carter "has been reaching out to a number of members of the technology community to get their ideas, their feedback, find out what's going on in the world of innovation."

Musk tweeted Thursday about the visit and included a reference to the Marvel Comics' Iron Man character. He is thought to have partly inspired that character in the 2008 "Iron Man" film.

When asked by CNN's Barbara Starr if Musk's role as a defense contractor would complicate the meeting with Carter, Cook said: "The secretary knows very well the rules and regulations required, and how to keep those issues separate and apart and transparent."

Carter has focused intensely on promoting links between the Department and technology companies from the private sector, making a number of trips to Silicon Valley and establishing the Defense Innovation Unit Experimental (DIUX) in Silicon Valley and Boston.

Speaking in San Francisco in March, Carter said DIUX centers would allow the Pentagon "to better tap into the region's innovation ecosystem and build relationships with local companies."

He said one of his goals as secretary "has been to build and in some cases to rebuild the bridges between the Pentagon and America's wonderfully innovative and strong technology community."

The Pentagon is also inviting certain approved hackers to test the department's cybersecurity as part of its "Hack the Pentagon" initiative. According to Cook, the "controlled" pilot project will offer "bounties" to hackers who can identify and improve the Department's cyber vulnerabilities, a practice that is common in the private sector.

Musk is already playing a role in the defense industrial complex. His private space exploration company, SpaceX, has been actively competing for military contracts, seeking to provide rocket launch services to get military satellites into space.

The process of awarding the contracts has been at the center of a contentious fight on Capitol Hill.

SpaceX sued the Air Force in 2014 over what is said was an unfair process for competing for satellite launches before it was certified for military space launches in 2015.

The company successfully landed part of its Falcon 9 rocket on a drone ship in April. SpaceX's landing could lead to possibilities of the company reusing rockets for future launches, potentially saving money and even time. Musk tweeted Tuesday that he hopes to reuse a space rocket this fall.

The only other certified launch provider is the United Launch Alliance, a joint venture between Lockheed Martin and Boeing. ULA's Atlas space rocket uses Russian-made rocket engines.

Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee Sen. John McCain has slammed the Air Force and Department of Defense for continuing to rely on a space rocket that uses Russian-made engines.

During a January committee hearing, McCain charged that the use of Russian RD-180 rocket engines meant that the U.S. is "giving tens of millions of dollars to corrupt oligarchs." McCain also said the Russian company that manufactures the engines is overseen by board members that were placed under sanctions in the wake of the Russian armed annexation of Crimea in 2014.

"They are a bunch of thugs and cronies of Vladimir Putin, some of them are ex-KGB," McCain told CNN's Wolf Blitzer, referring to the board members in question.

But the Air Force and the Pentagon have been reluctant to completely stop purchasing the Russian engines, fearing that doing so would make ULA uncompetitive and leave SpaceX with a monopoly over military space launches. 

Being no fan of Russia, if Hillary wins the election, would she push for change?

Next up… Musk on Mars!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Musk's Sucker Punch

Back in 2015... "Elon Musk walks briskly onto the stage as hard rock blasts in the background. The guitar riff, which sounds like entrance music suitable for a professional wrestler or a minor-league cleanup hitter, fades out, and Musk surveys the crowd, nodding his head a few times and then sticking his hands in his pockets. "What I’m going to talk about tonight," he says, "is a fundamental transformation of how the world works."

The 44-year-old CEO of Tesla Motors and SpaceX (and the chairman of the solar energy provider SolarCity) is wearing a dark shirt, a satin-trimmed sports coat, and, at this moment, a knowing smirk. An admirer of Steve Jobs, Musk is an heir to the Silicon Valley titan in some psychic sense, but in a setting like this, he’d never be mistaken for the Apple founder.

Jobs worked the stage methodically, with somber reverence and weighty pauses, holding tightly choreographed events on weekday mornings for maximum media impact. Musk’s events, which are generally held at the press-¬unfriendly hour of 8 p.m. Pacific time, have a more ad hoc feel. His manner is geeky and puckish. He pantomimes and rephrases, rolls his eyes, and cracks one joke after another—his capacity for expression barely keeping pace with the thoughts in his head.

Musk begins by showing an image of thick yellow smoke pouring out of a series of giant industrial chimneys, contrasted with the Keeling Curve, the famous climate-change chart that shows more than 50 years of carbon dioxide levels soaring toward a near-certain calamity. It could be mistaken for something out of Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth. "I just want to be clear," Musk says, with a nervous giggle, his accent betraying his boyhood in South Africa. "This is real."

His comments on this April evening, in front of a raucous crowd of Tesla owners (and some reporters) at the company’s design studio in Hawthorne, California, are quintessential Musk—weighty but also a bit cheeky. They’re also just preamble. His electric-¬car manufacturer is launching a new product line: large batteries that store energy in homes and even larger batteries that do the same for utilities and businesses.

The Powerwall, a slender appliance designed to be mounted in your garage, comes in five colors and starts at $3,000; the Powerpack, an 8-foot-tall steel box that looks a bit like a utility transformer, is aimed at the energy industry and costs roughly $25,000. These prices are roughly half of what competing battery manufacturers charge.

"The issue with existing batteries is that they suck," Musk says. "They’re expensive. They’re unreliable. They’re stinky. Ugly. Bad in every way." The idea is to pair the new Tesla products with solar panels—either on the rooftops of homes or in large-scale solar farms—that will store energy during the day, when the sun is shining, so that it can be used in our homes, for free, at night instead of energy from power plants that produce greenhouse gases.

Musk thinks it just might be the key to solving the problem of global warming. He explains that if the city of Boulder, Colorado, population 103,000, bought a mere 10,000 Powerpacks and paired them with solar panels, it could eliminate its dependence on conventional power plants entirely. The U.S. could do the same with only 160 million of them. Then he offers even higher figures: 900 million Powerpacks, with solar panels, would allow us to decommission all the world’s carbon-emitting power plants; 2 billion would wean the world off gasoline, heating oil, and cooking gas as well.

"That may seem like an insane number," says Musk, but he points out that there are 2 billion cars on the road today, and every 20 years that fleet gets replaced. "The point I want to make is that this is actually within the power of humanity to do. It’s not impossible."

... Musk's Gigafactory will be unveiled soon.

(If you are interested in reading more of Max Chafkin's factory article go to: https://www.fastcompany.com/3052889/elon-musk-powers-up-inside-teslas-5-billion-gigafactory)